Religion In Youngsters


If religion will be instilled in a toddler’s coronary heart, that youngster will likely be saved on this world and within the hereafter

By Harun Yahya

A tiny cell, invisible to the bare eye, turns right into a human being with a thoughts and soul by way of an excellent creation over 9 months in its mom’s womb. The dad and mom watch each stage of this superb creation and eagerly await the day once they can maintain their child of their arms. Allah brings every thing, from the child’s veins to its coronary heart, from its palms to its mind, muscle tissue and trillions of cells, into being with an awesome artistry. After which when it’s born, the mom and father lastly lovingly maintain their child that they’ll watch over and shield till the ends of their lives. Allah described this course of as follows in a verse:

Mankind! if you’re in any doubt concerning the Rising, know that We created you from mud then from a drop of sperm then from a clot of blood then from a lump of flesh, shaped but unformed, so We might make issues clear to you. We make no matter We wish keep within the womb till a specified time after which We deliver you out as kids with the intention to attain your full maturity... (Surat al-Hajj, 5)

The very first thing the mom and father should do once they maintain their child is to dedicate it to Allah and convey it up with religion, and with love and concern of Allah. It’s because that youngster will solely stay on this earth for 60 or70 years, after which when it dies it’s going to open its eyes to the everlasting life. It’s due to this fact crucial for that youngster to be introduced up with religion in Allah, with the Qur’an and with the ethical values of the Qur’an, and thus to know our Lord and to have a coronary heart overflowing with love and that beats with the love of Allah. Each household should increase their kids by telling them of the indicators resulting in religion, by displaying them the care with which Allah created the universe and by educating them that each one His servants have a duty towards Allah. In that manner, the kid will come to know our Lord, its Creator, and can develop into acquainted with its true pal, who will at all times be by its aspect.

Mother and father should at all times undertake the Qur’an as their information as they carry up their kids. The Qur’an should consistently be learn within the dwelling, and thus its verses will be discovered and carried out. When the Qur’an is continually learn in his proximity, the kid’s soul will likely be soothed and calm and wholesome. The ethical values of the Qur’an will step by step develop into a part of his character; at this level, dad and mom should educate their kids about future, submission to Allah, forgiveness, fortitude, renouncing one’s personal rights, humility, placing one’s belief in Allah, compassion, affection, sharing, and altruism. On this manner, the soul will be instructed from a really early age and will likely be stronger within the face of the varied exams it’s going to encounter throughout its life. Because of its purity, sincerity and religion, the kid will know that our Lord is at all times with him and testing him.

The schooling of a kid is a course of that entails all of life, and the dad and mom should work onerous to boost their youngster with advantage and religion and mustn’t ever falter of their efforts. The household should be a mannequin for the kid in all areas, and should at all times be on the aspect of Allah and the Qur’an in all exams, troubles and difficulties, in illness and in a lot. A household that welcomes all issues that befalls it within the lifetime of this world, and that sees the goodness in them, will likely be a positive function mannequin for his or her youngster.

Think about {that a} youngster has been raised with a profound love of Allah from a really early age. Think about that it’s by no means alone and is aware of that it has probably the most highly effective of pals. Think about that it’s conscious of future, the check and the transitory nature of this world. Think about that youngster performing out of affection and concern of Allah and consistently behaving according to the ethical values of the Qur’an. Is it not apparent that this youngster can have a robust thoughts and character and a really deep religion? What higher present can a mom and father bestow than that?

A baby should be raised with such a robust sincerity and advantage that he’ll flip to his true Good friend and Creator and carry out all his non secular obligations with enthusiasm. The kid should be advised that these obligations are usually not a chore, however an indication of deep love for and gratitude to our Lord. Along with non secular obligations, he should be taught to do all that he does for Allah, to keep away from ascribing equals to Him, to keep away from being spendthrift and to present fixed thanks. That youngster’s coronary heart should be so stuffed with the Qur’an that he’ll see our Lord wherever he seems to be, give due to Him for each blessing, understand the proof of our Lord on Earth and within the sky, and provides fixed thanks.

In fact, as they increase their youngster, his father and mom will ship him to the perfect faculties and guarantee he receives the best schooling and has occupation. However in doing this, their actual purpose should be for his or her youngster to achieve the hereafter, not this world. The kid should know that he has come to this world to serve Allah, not merely to go to college, communicate varied overseas languages and have profession. All this stuff, profession, cash, possessions and place, are solely issues of this world. But when that youngster has no religion, if he doesn’t dwell for Allah, if he isn’t ready for the everlasting life after dying, then this stuff will likely be of no worth within the Hereafter. His household should due to this fact educate the kid to look towards the lifetime of the Hereafter. The truth that we’ll all go to the everlasting life, our true abode, should be inculcated in him. What issues to the kid should be incomes the approval of our Lord and Paradise, not the lifetime of this world.

Something you may have been given is simply the enjoyment of the lifetime of this world and its finery. What’s with Allah is best and longer lasting. So will you not use your mind? (Surat al-Qasas, 60)

When a toddler is raised with sincerity and concern and love of Allah, he’ll try all his life to be a servant of Allah. He’ll enhance and prepare his soul with the ethical values of the Qur’an and obtain a humble decrease self. He’ll forgive for Allah’s sake, have fortitude for Allah’s sake and spend on the trail of Allah. He’ll simply overcome all together with his deep religion, and no difficulties on this world will have an effect on him since he wishes the Hereafter. He’ll know that he’s residing out his future at each second of his life and can really feel the consolation of realizing that. Most vital of all, he’ll fervently hope to enter Paradise by being a servant with whom Allah is nicely happy due to his good works. An individual raised in such a manner will likely be eternally grateful to his dad and mom when he lastly enters Paradise, as a result of they gave him the best of all presents by acquainting him with religion and the love of Allah. Being all collectively in Paradise, consistently giving due to Allah, sitting subsequent to at least one one other in a state of nice pleasure and being welcomed into the gardens of Paradise would be the biggest reward, each for that youngster and his dad and mom.

This text has been completely revealed at Diplomacy Pakistan with particular affiliation with Adnan Oktar(Harun Yahya) ( A Turkish Author). The author has authored greater than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, faith and science. He could also be adopted at @Harun_Yahya and


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