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We! Under the Umbrella of  “Diplomacy Pakistan News”  (Since Jan-2010) in Pakistan, which is a News Portal focusing Positive Pakistan, its publishing purpose or main operative is to raise / highlight awareness relating “Global” issues affecting International relations. Diplomacy Pakistan News accessible online edition at “” it also intends to implement different training programs in all over Pakistan as soon as possible to educate general public about International Relations, Diplomatic Relations and Global Issues by creating positive image of Pakistan to the World. Hence; having a chance to review the General Scenario of Diplomatic and foreign relations in Pakistan through our News portal is almost fulfilling due to the wide spectrum of it’s coverage on issues in all divisions of Diplomacy. Diplomacy Pakistan News Portal is taking high pain & initiatives in publishing on the spirits of international and local issues awareness and its cultural uses amongst common people, so that they can acquire knowledge to understand by building off-course a better & a strong society .

Therefore; to promote the Positive Pakistan among overseas Pakistanis, Foreigners and diplomats ,we do bear  expenditures on our own without getting any revenue from advertisements or from public etc.  whilst providing information  to its end user free of cost online (Free).

In this we need your contribution to expand our service and maintain our services that would be beneficial to masses. Overseas donations will be accepted from Western Union.

We do mean to look forward keenly to meet you in person if you are in Pakistan so that we can communicate better / effectively to deliver the exact message any further by arranging Exclusive Interviews with few of your designated / nominated High Official Personnel’s. Yours Co-Operation in this regard in the terms of joining hands with “Diplomacy Pakistan” in meeting this struggle shall be highly appreciated & obliged too.


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