Google Maps now allows users to find their favorite places faster using emojis

With the Google Maps app, you can tap the Saved tab on the bottom of the screen to create lists of places where you want to go or your favorite places. Just the other day Google posted on its Google Maps’ X account that thanks to a new update to the app “you can customize your saved places with emojis to help you find your fav spots faster.” The emoji are the same ones available in messages so you can use a food emoji, a sports emoji, or any emoji you wish to symbolize a place that you’ve saved. To add an emoji, open Google Maps and press the Saved tab at the bottom of the screen. This won’t work with the default lists that come with Google Maps such as “Want to go,” “Favorites,” “Travel plans,” “Labeled,” and “Starred places.” You’ll have to create your own list or edit an existing list that you created yourself. In a video shared by Google on X, a new list named “Fav Coffee Spots” is created. Select an emoji for the list, which in this case is a cup of coffee, and add a description. Now, just add the spots you want to add to the list. Once you’ve filled out the list, when you see one of these spots on Google Maps and you’re close to the location, you’ll see the name of the place with the chosen emoji next to it. If you zoom out on the map, you’ll see only the emoji. We assume that Google made this change because unlike a pin stuck in a map, an emoji can convey more information to the user. Using emojis, you’ll be able to quickly determine if a certain spot on a map is one of your favorite coffee houses, a favorite ice cream parlor, or a burger joint you visit often without having to tap on the location. With so many different emojis to choose from, the user can use them to make finding his/her favorite spots faster on Google Maps.