Google to merge Calendar, Assistant reminders in Tasks

Tech-giant makes move to enhance app’s functionality; says change to help people get work done smoothl.
Google Tasks was launched as an app that would allow its users to make a to-do list in their Calender or account. It later made it a separate feature. However, with the new updates, Google is “simplifying our task management solutions by migrating Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks”.
After the update, users will see a notification prompting them to open Tasks to create or view reminders on Assistant or Calendar.
The new development makes it easier to manage all to-do lists in one place, regardless of where they have been created.
While introducing the update on the website, Google said, “We are continuing to invest in Google Tasks and expand its capabilities to help you capture, organize and accomplish all you have to get done”.
The change is a way to help people get their work done smoothly, the company maintained, adding that it will aims to continue making it better with new updates.