Important evidence has come out in Al-Qadir Trust case: Irfan Qadir

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Irfan Qadir has said that more evidence has come out in the Al-Qadir Trust case, some relatives of Chairman PTI also received donations. 190 million pounds brought by the state, but went to the account of an individual. This caused a huge loss to the country’s exchequer in terms of taxes. While holding a press conference in Islamabad, Irfan Qadir said that there has been a breakthrough in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Some more evidence has come to light. Irfan Qadir said that 4 and a half billion rupees were transacted in the account of Farah Gogi, the friend of Chairman PTI’s wife. The Supreme Court should take a decision on the money that came for the government of Pakistan. General Faiz’s assets in excess of his income have not yet come to light, if they do, NAB will definitely look into it. He said that Maryam Bibi has been cleared in the Nawaz Sharif case. The same case was against Nawaz Sharif. The income which Nawaz Sharif never took, it was said was hidden. The Supreme Court also abolished their fundamental rights with one stroke of the pen. If the reputation of the judiciary has become controversial, they will fix it. We do not stand with the few judges who want to take the Constitution into their hands. Irfan Qadir further said that everything from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Tamizuddin case decisions should be taken back by the Supreme Court. Now the direction of the law has been corrected. Among the judges removed by the PCO judges of the Supreme Court, I was also included in that but I will not appeal. Allah is very kind to me.