Govt to import onions, tomatoes from Iran, Afghanistan

The Ministry of Commerce has decided to import onions and tomatoes from Afghanistan and Iran to control soaring prices in the country.
A meeting chaired by Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar at Federal Ministry of Commerce, reviewed availability of tomatoes and onions in the country.
It is pertinent to mention here that the recent torrential rains and flooding have affected the production of vegetables.
The session decided to facilitate import of onions and tomatoes from Afghanistan and Iran to meet the demand of these vegetables in the country.
“The country will face shortage of onions and tomatoes in the next three months,” the meeting was informed in a briefing. “Current flooding has damaged crops and a shortage and hike in prices is expected,” the participants briefed.
“Import of tomatoes and onions will help in availability and stabilization of prices of these vegetables in the country,” the meeting told.
“The Ministry of Commerce will work with the national food security ministry and the FBR,” it was decided in the meeting.
The session also decided to get relief in levies and duties on import of tomatoes and onions from the Economic Coordination Committee of the federal cabinet.
Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar earlier urged for immediate steps for availability of tomatoes and onions to consumers and stabilization of the soaring prices of these commodities.
The price of onions and tomatoes has touched Rs 300 per KG due to shortage of supply in the market owing to recent floods.