IHC rejects PTI petition against ECP member

The Islamabad High Court has rejected a petition from the PTI against one of the members of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
The PTI had filed the petition against ECP member from the Sindh province, Nisar Durrani, seeking his removal.
However, the Islamabad High Court on Monday rejected the petition declaring it inadmissible. IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah heard the argument from both sides and rejected the petition.
During the hearing on Monday, Justice Minallah said that the ECP is a constitutional body and the Constitution provides for the process to remove an ECP member.
He asked the PTI counsel about the process given in the constitution, and the lawyer said that under the constitution the Supreme Judicial Council could remove an ECP member.
The chief justice said that the court will follow the Constitution and nothing else.
The lawyer claimed that Sindh ECP member’s was a different case and the court could use its constitutional jurisdiction.
Justice Minallah said that under the Constitioin provides for the forum to remove an ECP member.