PM Shehbaz reiterates no one will be allowed to disrespect our Shuhada

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reiterated that no one will be allowed to disrespect our Shuhada, who rendered their lives in safeguarding the homeland.
Addressing the “Azmat-e-Shuhada Conference” in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said facilitators and attackers of 9th May will be brought to the book.
The Prime Minister said the government and the state are fully committed to ensure respect of our heroes and will remember their sacrifices.
He said we tolerated all allegations levelled by Imran Khan on government, institutions and political leadership but attacking, burning and disrespecting memorials of Shuhada and Ghaziz will not be tolerated at any level.
The event was attended by families of Shuhada, Students from different schools and people belonging to different walks of life.