Situation in Pakistan is being monitored by US; State Department

US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller says that the US is monitoring the situation in Pakistan. Attacks on oil and gas installations in Pakistan are regrettable.
During a press briefing in Washington, he said that we have no position on any political candidate or party. The implementation of democratic values, freedom of expression and the rule of law should apply to all.
“We demand respect and equal application of democratic principles, freedom of expression – and the rule of law throughout the world, and of course, in Pakistan, we insist that these principles be respected by all,” Mr. Mathew added.
The spokesperson of the US Department of State also said that the attacks on oil and gas facilities in Pakistan are regrettable.
“We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those killed, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. We are closely monitoring developments,” the spokesman said.