Imran Khan’s alleged audio with US lawmaker surfaces

Another audio clip purportedly featuring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Waters has come to light on Saturday.
A purported audio conversation between Imran Khan and US senator has surfaced online in which the PTI chairman can purportedly be heard seeking ‘help’ from Maxian Moore Waters following amid an ongoing crackdown on his party following May 9 riots.

Breaking News : Leak audio of Imran Khan with American congresswomen Maxian Moore Water
— Malik Ali Raza (@MalikAliiRaza) May 20, 2023
In the alleged conversation, Imran Khan could be heard telling US congresswoman about the removal of his government by ex-army chief Gen (r) Bajwa. The former premier also reportedly asked US politician to make a statement and raise her voice in support of PTI.
“We are going through difficult times in Pakistan right now and my life is also in danger,” he said in alleged audio, adding that 99% of Pakistan wanted him in power again.
He also claimed that economic performance of his government was best in the history of Pakistan.
“I just want you to raise your voice in my favour,” the PTI chief can allegedly be heard as saying. The alleged audio clip was reported to be taken from a Zoom meeting.
It is pertinent to mention here that ever since his removal from office through a vote of no confidence in 2022, the PTI leader has repeatedly campaigned on the slogan that a foreign conspiracy led to his ouster, and that the US administration was behind it.