Imran Khan wants to undermine state institutions: Javed Latif

Federal Minister Javed Latif said the violent acts of last few days including the attack on Jinnah House in Lahore were plotted by PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
Addressing a news conference in Islamabad today, he said those who ransacked and vandalized the public and private properties were trained miscreants.
Javed Latif said that we are organizing gatherings and corner meetings from tomorrow to expose the face of Imran Khan. He said the PTI Chairman wants to undermine the state institutions.
He regretted that a person who did the corruption of sixty billion rupees was getting respect from courts.
The Federal Minister said those who attacked military installations and ransacked other buildings including that of Radio Pakistan Peshawar need to be taken to task as per the law.
Javed Latif said that these violent acts were a mutiny against the state.