FM Bilawal believes dialogue can steer country out of crises

Minister for Foreign Affairs on Monday said dialogue was the only way to steer the country out of constitutional and democratic crises.
Addressing the National Assembly on the eve of the Constitution’s golden jubilee, he said Supreme Court (SC) judges should put their political opinions aside and sit together adding that he would request the court to save the institution of judiciary. “Every institution should stay within its constitutional limits,” he added.
“They want to convey to us that two and two make three but the court’s verdict was [clearly announced by] 4-3”, he said.
The FM went on to say that they were present in the NA to celebrate the golden jubilee of the federal democratic Islamic constitution that was enacted on April 10, 1973. “The constitution is a binding force of four provinces and the day should be included in textbooks,” he added.
Mr Bhutto said Pakistan paid many sacrifices adding that we faced three dictatorships. “Former president Zia ul Haq’s dictatorship shattered the base of the democracy in the country while former prime minister Benazir Bhutto incepted the journey of restoration of democracy and struggled for the restoration of the constitution for thirty years,” he added.
He continued by saying that every dictator launched some fake politicians adding that some of them were united under the flag of the PTI. “Ousting selected PM [he calls Imran Khan this way] does not mean conspiracies ended,” he added.
The FM said we thought that democracy had won but we were wrong. “Conspiracy continues till today and people against the democratic progress are still present in some institutions”, he added. It was necessary, he alluded, to bring those conspiracies to light on this day.