Pakistan’s first agri-fintech app Digitt+ and easypaisa join hands

Akhtar Fuiou Technologies under the umbrella of its agri financial services platform Digitt+ has entered a partnership with Telenor Microfinance Bank’s leading digital payments platform, easypaisa. Digitt+ is a digital wallet, mobilized to enable and empower the unbanked population of Pakistan starting with the agri sector.
AFT has a vision of building a financially inclusive ecosystem through its wallet Digitt+ for the agri sector of the country. The EMI has received pilot approval for operation from the regulatory body. In its pilot phase the wallet will be marketed to diverse segments of the population. Digitt+ will allow its wallet holders to make various payments geared with a powerful Debit Card.
Partnership with easypaisa has been curated keeping customer convenience at the center. Through this partnership the Digitt+ wallet holders are being given the option to use the agent network of easypaisa as cash deposit and withdrawal touch point.
CEO Mr. Ahmed Ali Saleemi celebrating the partnership was quoted saying: “AFT believes in providing agile financial solutions to its customers in the simplest way possible and easypaisa is one such entity in the country that resonates with our own core values. Therefore, we are excited about the prospective mutual benefits this partnership is going to bring us both.”
Easypaisa has been the pioneer of digital payments in the country and is robustly working towards the mission of a cashless and financially inclusive Pakistan.
Head of easypaisa, Wallet Business, Farhan Hassan, commented on the partnership, “Currently Pakistan’s agriculture sector is the largest contributor to the nation’s GDP and exports. It also employs around 40% of the country’s workforce.
By providing convenient access to financial opportunities to farmers in the rural areas, we can enable them to grow exponentially. We are proud to join hands with Digitt for this cause and through our 170,000 registered agents across Pakistan; we aim to make the payment cycle for farmers easy and secure.”
Simple and easy financial solution is the key driver for both respective entities geared to collaborate effectively to accelerate the efforts of taking financial inclusion strategy forward.