NAB chairman to receive income equivalent to SC judge

The government has announced that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman will receive an income equivalent to a Supreme Court judge.
The Ministry of Law of Justice issued a notification stating that the accountability watchdog’s chief rules and regulations for employment will be equivalent to that of a supreme court judge.
As per the notification, NAB chief Lieutenant General (retd) Nazir Ahmad will take a monthly salary of Rs1.7 million along with an official residence and two cars.
Apart from this, NAB chief will also receive free electricity up to 2,000 units and 600 litres of petrol per month. He will also be authorised to acquire two kanal plots in Islamabad.
Earlier this month, the federal government appointed Lt Gen (retd) Ahmad as NAB chairman for a three-year term.
In a notification, the Ministry of Law and Justice said that the appointment had been made by the federal government after a consensus between Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Raja Riaz.
The post of NAB chairman became vacant on February 15 after the acceptance of the resignation tendered by Aftab Sultan, the notification said.
After “detailed deliberations”, both sides agreed on the appointment of Lt Gen (retd) Ahmad.
The NAB chairman, according to the law ministry, shall hold office for a “non-extendable term of three years” and will not be eligible for subsequent appointment.
It is also not possible to remove the chairman from office except on the grounds and in the manner as provided in Article 209 of the Constitution, the notification added.