Briefing at the Embassy of Tajikistan on the United Nations 2023 Water Conference

A joint briefing of the diplomatic missions of Tajikistan and the Netherlands was held at the Embassy of Tajikistan in Islamabad in connection with the United Nations Conference on the Mid-Term Comprehensive Review of the Implementation of the International Decade Goals. The conference titled “Water for Sustainable Development” is being held in New York from March 22 to 24.
During his speech, Tajik Ambassador Ismatullah Nasreddin emphasized the importance of the UN conference, which is likely to be chaired by the founder of Peace and National Unity and President of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Imam Ali Rahmon and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.
During his speech, the Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources of Pakistan Mr. Hassan Nasir Jami outlined Pakistan’s position regarding this important international event.
Foreign Ministry, Water Resources, Diplomatic Corps, United Nations Offices in Islamabad, experts and press representatives also participated in the briefing.
Later talking to SUCH TV representative, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Ismatullah Nasruddin said that the availability of water resources and its access in the future is a topic for which the whole world should move forward together. The national leader of Tajikistan, Imam Ali Rahman, is very active in this regard and wants this message to reach not only our country or region, but also to every inhabitant of the world and access to water is possible for everyone, this is not just the third world’s problem. It is not only the problem of the countries associated with it but of every human being living in the world.
He further said that getting expert opinions and practical government role from Pakistan is a positive process and Pakistani delegation will participate in this important conference.
In response to another question, the Tajik ambassador added that we are very hopeful that positive results will come out from the conference regarding water issues, but it cannot be said that we will overcome these problems immediately. Because it is a broad perspective topic and its positive and impactful results will definitely take some time.