Scientists find new layer in Earth’s inner core

A research team from Australian National University (ANU) found evidence of a new layer within the Earth’s inner core.
The “innermost inner core” is like an iron-nickel alloy ball which is a “fossilized record” of Earth’s ancient history, professor Hrvoje Tkalčić explained.
The scientists found the new layer in the core by studying seismic waves that traveled back and forth across the Earth’s entire diameter around five times.
The team from ANU believes the discovery hints at major events in the Earth’s past that had a major impact on the planet, which could possibly explain the formation of the magnetic field.
The magnetic field plays an important role in shielding the Earth from harmful radiation and keeping water from drifting into space.
The discovery will prove to be a stepping stone and open doorways to studying other fields like the barren planet of Mars.