Microsoft accidentally prompted users to upgrade to Windows 11

Last week, Microsoft accidentally prompted users to upgrade to Windows 11 even though their PCs didn’t meet the operating system’s minimum requirements.
Twitter user, PhantomOcean3 was one of the first to note the error when a Windows 10 PC displayed a notification prompting the user to install the software if he had 2GB of RAM.
Microsoft was quick to respond to the error and said the upgrade couldn’t be completed because of the inability to meet the system requirements. The error was, however, resolved by the company the same day.
“Some hardware ineligible Windows 10 and Windows 11, version 21H2 devices were offered an inaccurate upgrade to Windows 11,” wrote Microsoft in a support note.
The fullscreen accidental prompt that Windows 10 users saw earlier this week.
Windows 11 officially requires Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs and up, and this won’t be the first time Microsoft has faced this error. Last year, Windows 11 upgrade was offered to unsupported PCs again, highlighting the strict minimum hardware requirements for Microsoft’s operating system.
The error comes just two weeks before the release of additional improvements to Windows 11, referred by Microsoft as ‘Moment 2’.