Political stability vital for progress, prosperity: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Former Prime Minister and PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has urged the need of political stability to put the country on the path of progress and prosperity.
He said this while talking to Journalists at Press Club along with former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail in Quetta on Sunday.
“Lawmakers in the National Assembly and the Senate have to go for an open debate on serious issues confronting Pakistan today,” Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the former prime minister and the PML-N central leader said.
He called for an end to the politics of maligning each other and urged all political forces to put their heads together to bring the country out of the prevailing economic crisis.
“When politics turns into enmity, people’s problems remain. It is unfortunate that the economic crisis and failure of politics has reached its peak,” Abbasi said.
He also lamented that there was no forum where issues could be discussed openly, adding that Pakistan’s “extraordinary” situation must be meted with “extraordinary action”. He also stressed the need for governments to actually perform.
Abbasi also commented on the issues of Balochistan, saying that despite having the most resources, it was the poorest of all provinces.
He touched upon various issues, including the issue of missing persons.
“Solution to all the problems of Balochistan from utilities, to Gawadar, is in the constitution,” the former PM said, “however, as long as senators come to power by paying crores of rupees, nothing will change.”
He also added that all stakeholders in the country had contributed to creating the chaos that pervaded and that all must now turn from the blame game and work together to resolve the country’s many crises. “There is a need to discuss the new social contract,” he said.
Former federal finance minister Miftah Ismail portrayed a bleak picture of the country’s financial conditions. “The country is under huge debt and the common man is paying a heavy price every day,” Ismail lamented, adding that stunting affected over 40 per cent of children in Pakistan because of malnutrition.
Miftah Ismail said it was crucial for Pakistan to “stand on its feet” if it wishes to become a respectful nation.
“And if we want Pakistan to become self-sufficient, then every Pakistani’s role is important. In this regard, it is vital to send every child to school,” the two-time finmin said.
Ismail said that the country should spend more than Rs2 billion on education, while also ensuring that it improves the schooling system.
The former finance czar, while lamenting over the situation of women in Pakistan, said that 40% of females between the ages of 15-50 have iron deficiency.
Ismail stressed the need to provide employment to every Pakistan and noted that unemployment was not an issue restricted to Balochistan, but that it was a country-wide phenomenon.
“More than 80 million people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. As many as 60% of Pakistanis earn below Rs35,000,” the PML-N leader said.
Ismail added that every citizen’s income should increase. He also stressed the need to promote harmony and love in the country.
Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, former senator and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) member, Saturday shared fears of Pakistan standing near a political breakdown.
“We have become politically and morally bankrupt. Even today, people are not being told the truth, which the country needs,” Khokhar said while addressing the second session.
Khokhar added that the communication between the people and political parties is broken. The ex-PPP leader stressed the need to address people’s issues rather than being engaged in irrelevant political discourse such as the Panama Papers and Toshakhana case, Khokhar said.