TikTok denies being hacked

TikTok denies it was hacked by group, ‘AgainstTheWest’, claiming the user data stolen wasn’t authentic.
TikTok has denied claims that its servers were breached and that hackers stole source code and user data.
The company told BleepingComputer that the data posted to the hacking forum was “completely unrelated” to the company.
A hacking group called, ‘AgainstTheWest’ claimed to have breached TikTok and WeChat by creating a topic on the hacking forum.
The post shared screenshots of alleged database that belonged to the companies, accessed on an Alibaba cloud, which contained data for both TikTok and WeChat users.
The hackers further claimed that the server holds 2.05 billion records in a massivec of user data, platform statistics, software code, cookies, auth tokens, server info, etc.
The hacking group, despite its name, says it only targets companies and countries that are hostile to western interests.
TikTok however, denied that it was hacked, saying that the source code shared was not part of its platform. The company also stated that its adequate security safeguards would prevent automated scripts from collecting user information.
Tory Hunt, creator of the HaveIBeenPwned data breach notification service, confirmed in a Twitter thread that TikTok had in fact been breached and that some of the data was valid. Database hunter, Bob Diachenko, also validated the user data breach but failed to provide solid data regarding its origin.