Your future iPhone may have a screen that heals itself

Brace yourselves for a potential game-changer in the world of smartphones: Apple’s future iPhones could boast self-healing screens, a patent discovery suggests. As the tech giant continues to explore the realm of foldable devices, this innovative feature could set Apple apart in the competitive market. Rumours have long swirled around Apple’s plans for foldable devices, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the company’s foray into this burgeoning sector. However, a recent patent filed with the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) hints at a groundbreaking addition to Apple’s foldable lineup: self-healing screens. Reported by Android Authority, the patent outlines a device equipped with a revolutionary self-healing folding screen. This cutting-edge technology could revolutionize not only smartphones but also laptops, tablets, monitors, and wearables. The patent specifies that the self-healing material may cover the entire display or focus on the flexible portion of it, offering versatility in application. The patent document delves into the mechanics of the automatic self-healing process, wherein the material autonomously fills in dents and scratches without external intervention. Moreover, the healing process could be expedited through various stimuli such as heat, light, or electric current. Interestingly, mentions of heat-induced healing during charging or scheduled intervals hint at the seamless integration of this feature into users’ daily routines. While the concept of self-healing technology isn’t entirely new to consumer gadgets—LG introduced a similar feature with its G Flex smartphones in 2013—the potential implementation in Apple’s devices could mark a significant advancement. LG’s technology, while innovative, faced limitations in addressing deeper damage.