iOS 17.5: Apple just gave your iPhone all these features

With WWDC 2024 just around the corner, Apple remains focused on refining its current iOS while enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the iOS 18 preview. Despite the impending unveiling, iOS 17.5 has emerged from its beta phase, now available for installation on compatible iPhones. As iOS 17 approaches its maturity, significant additions in the 17.5 update are limited, though improvements to the News app and bolstered security measures stand out. Notably, users in the EU gain a new avenue for accessing third-party apps outside of Apple’s App Store ecosystem, aligning with EU regulations. Here’s a rundown of what’s fresh in iOS 17.5: Enhanced Cross-Platform Tracking Detection: Building upon the foundation laid by iOS 14.5, iOS 17.5 expands its capability to detect unfamiliar Bluetooth-based tracking devices, offering users alerts if such devices are detected nearby, regardless of the platform they are paired with. This collaborative effort between Apple and Google aims to fortify user privacy and security.Apple News Plus Enhancements: Subscribers to Apple News Plus now enjoy additional features with the introduction of Quartiles, a new word game, alongside existing crossword puzzles. Additionally, iOS 17.5 introduces an offline mode for Apple News Plus, enabling users to access downloaded articles, audio reports, and games without an internet connection.Third-Party App Accessibility in EU: Following the precedent set by iOS 17.4, iOS 17.5 facilitates the download of apps from third-party stores for EU residents. Moreover, developers can now offer apps for direct download from their websites, albeit after navigating through Apple’s regulatory process.New Pride Collection Wallpapers: June is Pride month, which usually means new wallpapers for your iPhone. To find this year’s offerings, launch the Settings app and select Wallpaper. There’s a dedicated Pride section among your choices when you go to add a new wallpaper. To update to iOS 17.5, navigate to Settings, users need to select General, and tap on Software Update. From there, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the latest software version. iOS 17.5 is compatible with iPhone models from the XS series onwards, including subsequent releases since 2019.