TikTok includes new editing tools for sounds, images

TikTok has launched new editing tools on the platform to give users more creative freedom with the content they post.
With the latest tools, users can adjust clips, images, sounds, and texts. The features will be made available in the US and most other regions.
TikTok content creators will be able to stack, trim and split video clips while also speeding up or slowing them down. Similarly, TikTok has introduced tools that will let users cut, trim, and set the duration for sounds they wish to use in their video clips, along with sound effects.
Moreover, users on the platform can edit, position, and set the duration for text, with an additional feature for picture-in-picture or video-in-video stacking.
The Photo Mode feature will allow users to share carousel pictures, displayed automatically one after another, with the addition of music that will let viewers swipe images at their own pace.
According to the company, the newly released features will allow high-quality images to be shared on the platform, directly competing with Instagram’s photo carousel feature. The company has also introduced the ability for users to add longer descriptions with up to 2,200 characters for each post. TikTok hopes that the additional characters will allow users to build on their stories for sharing on the platform and improve content search optimization.