What new feature is Apple releasing in iOS 17.5 update?

Users of Apple devices all around the world should get ready to receive the next iOS update OS 17.5r which is going to include an antitracking mechanism and mitigate the attempts of stalking by others, reported Dexerto. In the latest update, the users will be informed whenever they would be tracked or in case of using an unknown AirTag. The report also noted that the iPhone maker has already employed the relevant codes for non-tracking in the Find My app, allowing the users to disable unauthorised trackers. The latest update will also highlight the tracking devices that are not Apple or certified by Find My and provide an option to disable them. The tracker could be disabled by visiting the manufacturer’s website manually. According to the message quoted in the report, read: “This item isn’t certified on the Apple Find My network. You can disable this item and stop it from sharing its location with the owner.” It also added: “To do this, follow the instructions provided on a website by the manufacturer of this item.” Currently, this feature is not added in the Beta version however, it is being anticipated that it would be released in the latest version.