Sharjah unveils mosque featuring striking glass ball dome

A distinctive mosque adorned with a striking glass ball as its dome has been revealed at the entrance to Al Dhaid in Sharjah, financed by a philanthropist. Although the mosque is still in the process of construction, a significant portion of the project has been successfully executed, said a report in Khaleej Times. The mosque’s minaret, designed in a contemporary spiral shape, conveys a sense of towering height. Adjacent to it stands the spherical glass structure, serving as a congregational space for worshippers. Internally, the mosque emanates a spacious and well-lit ambiance, as the geometric shapes of the glass sphere cast reflections on both walls and floor. Notably, the entrance features a prominent inscription of Ayat al-Kursi from the Quran, adding a touch of grandeur to the setting. In a video shared on Sharjah TV’s official Instagram account, several individuals expressed their awe and admiration for the mosque and its innovative design. The mosque has undeniably captured hearts with its unique architectural blend of modern aesthetics and spiritual serenity.