Twitter introducing TikTok-like features

Twitter is planning on introducing TikTok-like features which include full-screen short videos in the never-ending scroll-style feed.
In an announcement through its blog, the company said it was introducing an “immersive” full-screen video-playing experience on the platform, along with a familiar feature to scroll up for more engaging content. The video carousel will be added to the Explore tab, enabling users to engage with popular videos trending on the platform.
The “immersive media viewer” will begin launching on iOS in the next few days. The updates will be available for the English version of the app.
Popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have tried to introduce their versions of TikTok videos on their platform, but they have failed to be as popular as the original TikTok app. Twitter seems to be hopping on the bandwagon to incorporate these short videos, as separate from tweeted videos, into a whole video carousal.