Elon Musk announces early access to xAI’s chatbot ‘Grok’ for X subscribers

For a while now, there have been rumors about Elon Musk’s new AI (Artificial Intelligence) project called xAI. Recently, Musk confirmed this project’s name. It’s no surprise, given that he also renamed Twitter to X after he acquired the company and made it private. Reports indicate that Elon Musk has officially announced that the first version of his new AI project, Grok, will be available to a small group of users starting on November 4. He made this announcement after his speech at the AI Safety Summit in the United Kingdom. Grok, xAI’s initial model, is similar to other AI chatbots like ChatGPT. However, Musk, in his usual style, claims that Grok is “the best that currently exists” in some important ways. Like ChatGPT, Grok can search the internet for the latest information on specific topics. Musk has also said that Grok will have “real-time” access to information shared on X, which he believes is a “huge advantage” compared to other models. Elon Musk has also shared on X that Grok is designed to be a bit humorous in its responses. This could make its answers stand out from other AI chatbots from companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Snap, Meta, and others. Although the first AI model from xAI is currently available to a “select group,” Musk has confirmed that once Grok is out of early testing, it will be accessible to all X Premium+ subscribers.