Buckingham Palace’s former doctors reveal royal COVID-19 protocol

With the entire world dealing with the dangerous coronavirus spread, the royal family is no exception for they are also taking every precautionary measure under the sun in order to protect themselves.
During an interview with an in-house doctor, Tatler Dr. Anna Hemming who served the British royal family for seven years, the British royal family has a strict protocol for infectious diseases which they follow strictly.
According to the doctor, the entire family, particularly Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip will be taking all necessary precautions following the spread.
“Clearly, members of the Royal Family are in high risk groups—not just over 70 but over 90 years old too,” she began by saying. “I believe the family will be talking daily with their medical team and taking all reasonable precautions, particularly for the Duke of Edinburgh who we are all aware is the most fragile member of the Royal Family.”
She also stated that service staffs, who reside within the palace already, have precautionary measures in place that aim to minimize interaction with royal family members. Strict self-isolation measures will also be taken in case they show signs of infection.

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