Ramadan brings glad tidings

By Harun Yahya
What an individual must do within the face of all of the tremendous delights created for us on this world is reveal his love for, and devotion to, Allah and provides thanks. This have to be proven by means of honest prayer to Allah, non secular observances and ethical advantage. Fasting is one such observance, and Muslims welcome the month of Ramadan with nice pleasure and zeal.
There are additionally many features of the month of Ramadan which are bodily and spiritually instructional. One in all these is damping the decrease self’s haughtiness. Individuals who don’t consider might harbour emotions of self-importance. They’re unwilling to replicate on the greatness of Allah and admit their very own weak point whereas Allah is the one entity with grandeur. Human beings are created as helpless servants.
Only a easy flu virus is sufficient to perceive one’s helplessness earlier than Allah; a speck of mud within the eye, a bit of bread lodged within the throat or a minor accident is all sufficient to see how a lot we’re created in want of Allah. However the decrease self is wrongdoing, and until it has religion, it should by no means admit the necessity to undergo our Creator, regardless of all its helplessness.
Fasting thus trains and calms the unfavorable traits of the decrease self. Fasting bestows modesty and permits no emotions of pleasure. Bediuzzaman Mentioned Nursi, a terrific Islamic scholar, describes this attribute of Ramadan as follows: “One of many cases of knowledge in fasting in Ramadan … is as follows: The instinctual soul doesn’t need to recognise its Sustainer; it desires its personal lordship, like Pharaoh. Nevertheless, a lot torment it suffers, that character stays in it. It’s nevertheless destroyed by means of starvation. And so, fasting in Ramadan strikes direct blows on the soul’s pharaoh-like entrance, shattering it. It demonstrates its impotence, weak point, and need. It makes it realise that it’s a slave.”
Fasting can be an efficient means of coaching the decrease self, which needs to be unfettered. Except it’s positioned underneath self-discipline, the outcome may be very poor ethical values as a result of until Allah needs in any other case the decrease self desires evil. The decrease self is underneath the command of devil, the enemy of mankind, he who leads individuals into evil.
Allah reveals this on the topic within the Noble Quran: Mankind! Eat what is sweet and lawful on the earth. And don’t comply with within the footsteps of devil. He really is an outright enemy to you. He solely instructions you to do evil and indecent acts and to say about Allah what you have no idea. (Surat al-Baqara: 168-169)
Fasting is like occurring a bodily and non secular weight loss program. It permits the decrease self to heed the voice of the center and soul and bestows nice power, peace and well-being. Persistence within the face of starvation is a matter of familiarization, and fasting for the sake of Allah is a therapeutic towards impatience and lack of fortitude.

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