Fasting: a phenomenal present for Muslims with therapeutic powers


By Harun Yahya

The month of Ramadan that we’re presently in is a holy month that’s eagerly and enthusiastically awaited by the entire Islamic world. It’s so as a result of the Holy Qur’an, which brings folks to holy mild from darkness,  to the trail of our Lord the all Merciful and Most Beneficent, was despatched down on this month. Fasting throughout this holy month, an obligation for Muslims, is a chance for them to reward the infinite grace and blessings of Almighty Lord. It’s also a bodily and religious therapeutic; a present, and a month of blessings, abundance, a chance to repent for previous conduct and to hunt for mercy from our Lord.

All Muslims quick to achieve our Lord’s pleasure. Nevertheless, along with it being a method for our Lord’s approval, it additionally may be very helpful for our our bodies. To start with, fasting permits the organs to take a while off and relaxation. For example, throughout fasting, the digestion processes are diminished, and the abdomen will get to relaxation for fairly a while. Its epithelia tissue will be renewed utterly, which helps the abdomen to operate in a extra wholesome method  throughout the remainder of the 12 months. Fasting additionally permits the liver, which works continuous in regular instances, to relaxation for six or extra hours. Usually, it’s lively even once we are asleep, however whereas fasting, it additionally finds the possibility to relaxation. Because the quantity of blood circulating drops, the guts and the first  veins feeding it are regenerated. Fasting helps cell regeneration, making our our bodies and minds more healthy and it slows down growing old. It additionally helps defend us from weight problems, fats constructing, ldl cholesterol, and cardiovascular  ailments. It contributes to purging our our bodies from dangerous toxins. Whereas fasting, fats enzymes kick in and assist burn fats,  making a situation much like the impact of a exercise session. Even after the 30 days of fasting, the physique continues to burn fats at this charge. Usually, throughout the day, a person eats with out considering, inflicting an imbalance within the physique. Nevertheless when one fasts, as a result of she or he eats solely at sure instances throughout the day, the immune system won’t should operate unnecessarily, which in flip offers sufficient time to the immune system to resume itself. The physique, as a result of it would not should cope with time-consuming metabolic actions, can extra simply establish dangerous cell formations like most cancers and destroys them firstly.

Identical to all different spiritual practices, fasting additionally intensifies the spirituality of Muslims. It makes them witnesses to one another’s honest religion in our Lord, their loyalty, persistence and honest efforts, making their fraternal bonds even stronger and it additionally reinforces their love and compassion for one another. Muslims, because of this brotherly bond they’ve, work to get rid of all types of negativity that may disturb the sense of calm and attempt to construct atmospheres of affection, peace and serenity for all. They know that their Muslim brothers are additionally poor servants of Almighty Lord, identical to themselves, hoping to achieve Allah’s pleasure; due to this fact, their emotions of affection, solidarity and compassion for each other solely intensify on this holy month.

Muslims shun not solely  consuming and consuming throughout fasting hours, however in addition they shun  unhealthy actions, reminiscent of mendacity, gossiping, saying hurtful phrases, insulting folks or getting offended. They ponder about thirst and starvation and keep in mind that poor folks want their assist and perceive the significance of serving to them  and no matter their monetary standing, start to make their biggest efforts to assist the poor. They comply with their conscience and never their lower-self and continually enhance themselves of their quest for complying with the Qur’an ever extra sincerely.

A pious Muslim who fears our Lord deeply shows this lovely character of fasting in each second of his life. He follows the Qur’an totally all through his life, and works to reside by the morality he hopes that Allah will approve of in each waking minute.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that it is a conduct that Allah  approves of. Nevertheless something on the contrary – in different phrases, observing spiritual practices solely within the month of Ramadan, after which strolling away from the  Qur’an’s morality after it ends – is one thing that displeases Allah tremendously. Due to this fact, allow us to endeavor to maintain the spirit of Ramadan alive all year long and all the time try to earn Allah’s good pleasure, it doesn’t matter what month we’re in.

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