US dollar increases by Rs 1.32 to 163.30 against Pakistani rupee

The United States (US) dollar registered an increase of Rs1.32 in its value and touched 163.30 against the Pakistani rupee at the start of day’s trading.
According to forex dealers, the greenback is trading at 163.30 against the local unit in the interbank market.
The US dollar had finished at 161.98 against the rupee the other day.
On May 28, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) recorded $55 million decrease in its liquid foreign reserves.
According to the central bank’s weekly report, the total foreign reserves held by the country stood at $ 18,597.9 million. The net reserves held by commercial banks stood at $6,524 million.
SBP reserves decreased by $55 million to 12,073 million due to external debt repayments, read the report.

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