Trump announces to release his financial information prior to election

US President Donald Trump confirmed to release his financial information prior to the 2020 general elections and that it will prove that he’s richer than people think.
Trump is the first major-party presidential candidate since Gerald Ford in 1976 not to release his tax returns.
US President Donald Trump, facing lawsuits and political demands to release his tax returns and other financial information, said he will release a statement on his finances before the presidential election, and asserted that it was his call on providing the information.
“I’m clean, and when I release my financial statement (my decision) some time prior to election, it will only show one thing that I am much richer than people even thought, And that is a good thing,” Trump said in a post on Twitter, providing no details on his claims of wealth.
Trump also said Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s two-year investigation into Russian interference in elections, which most recently led to the criminal conviction of Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone, showed that his finances were in order.
Mueller “went over all of my financials, tax information and found nothing. Now the Witch Hunt continues with local New York Democrat prosecutors going over every financial deal I have ever done. This has never happened to President before. What they are doing is not legal,” Trump wrote.

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