The PKK Does Not Signify The Kurdish Individuals

The PKK does not represent the Kurdish people!

At present, among the widespread media, consistent with the USA and Europe, has launched a large-scale propaganda marketing campaign in alliance with varied authorities members, politicians, bureaucrats and academicians. This organized engagement is endeavor probably the most wide-ranging disinformation campaigns in trendy media historical past up to now, suggesting that the PKK terror group are so-called “legendary freedom fighters for the Kurdish individuals.”

Part of Western communities are naturally below the affect of this social engineering since they don’t seem to be nicely knowledgeable and never offered with true info relating to this situation which happens exterior their international locations and exterior to their agenda. That is how that mass affect is attained with ease.

As a matter of truth, what is meant with this marketing campaign is to keep up the worldwide assist that the PKK terrorist group wants and to maintain the authorized state powers that battle towards it below oppression.

Nevertheless, with out even any requirement for complete analysis, with disclosure of the clearly concrete and basic information, it’s strikingly evident that the PKK is completely not a consultant of the Kurdish individuals; quite the opposite, it’s a communist – anarchist construction that suppresses them and a software utilized by the key states of the West for a brand new design of the Center East.

It’s Inconceivable for the Religious Kurdish Individuals to Subscribe to PKK’s Marxist Ideology!

To start with, the vast majority of the Kurdish individuals residing in international locations like Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are religious Muslims. Kurdish persons are dedicated to their religion, have sturdy household ties, and are faithfully hooked up to their ethical values and traditions.

The PKK is, quite the opposite, a terrorist group following a Marxist worldview and is in denial of all ethical values corresponding to household, faith and good morality. Regardless of its misleading propaganda as of late, it has by no means deviated one iota from its ideology because the day of its basis on November 27th, 1978 up till right this moment.

The truth is, in an article written by Matt Bradley and Joe Parkinson and revealed within the Wall Road Journal on July 24th, 2015, PKK members are immediately outlined as “America’s Marxist Allies” whereas giving particulars of the Marxist construction and beliefs of the group.

These phrases, “The (PKK) fighters usually use a vocabulary of Marxist revolution honed in compulsory examine of Mr. Ocalan’s writings,” are once more talked about in the identical article.[1]

As a compulsory prerequisite of their Marxist ideology, PKK militants maintain an atheistic stance. Certainly, the PKK chief Abdullah Ocalan sings the praises of being an atheist (absolutely God is past this) whereas making all out atheist propaganda in his personal books:

“We’ve got nothing to do with faith. Our individuals should break free from God and that ideology. I strove onerous, and finally broke away from God. I went previous God. And I used to be thus in a position to change into Abdullah Öcalan…”[2]

The Acts and Practices of the PKK and Its Immorality are in Direct Opposition to the Ethical Values of Kurdish Individuals

Probably the most important attribute of the PKK, which has martyred greater than 40,000 individuals by way of bloody terrorist assaults, is being a treacherous homicide squad. What’s extra, a complete of 18,000 individuals who have been in opposition, resistance to or reluctant to assist the PKK have been assassinated in bloody inter-party executions. Solely from June 7th, 2015, greater than 100 harmless troopers, policemen, village guards and civilians have been perfidiously martyred by the PKK.

Alternatively, the PKK is a main participant in Asian-European narcotrafficking within the Center East, and its monitoring of drug visitors is a principal supply of finance for the terrorist group. The International Secretary of the USA offers the next info on this matter:

“In February 2012, the U.S. Treasury Division sanctioned supporters of the Kurdistan Staff’ Celebration (PKK) who ran vital drug trafficking networks primarily based in Moldova and Romania, and in July, an estimated 1,700 Turkish police and troopers participated in a significant crackdown on drug trafficking by the PKK in southeast Turkey.”[3]

PKK- Terrorist Organization

Moreover, the PKK is a construction legitimizing all types of immorality and sexual perversion in its personal institution. The PKK militants even humiliate themselves to the extent of carrying girls’s clothes and make-up when below strain.

Claiming that such a bloody terrorist group legitimizing such acts of deviance and performing like a traditional mafia with homicide, narcotrafficking, degeneracy, treachery and dishonor as its hallmarks would in some way be consultant of the trustworthy, noble and honorable, God- fearing Muslim Kurdish individuals has no grounds when it comes to motive, logic or conscience. Removed from supporting the PKK, our Kurdish residents have been enormously disturbed by this group for about 40 years and have stood towards them with all their may.

The PKK Inflicts the Gravest Tyranny and Persecution on the Kurdish Individuals

With a purpose to create assist, the PKK has applied all strategies of oppression, threats, tyranny, torture and homicide on the Kurdish individuals proper from the day of its basis, figuring out that the Kurdish individuals won’t ever give the PKK their voluntary assist.

For 4 many years, a majority of the individuals martyred by this communist terror group that has became a nightmare for area’s communities have been the Kurds. This terrorist group holds Kurdish storeowners and businessmen for ransom, seizes their properties, and abducts the youngsters of defenseless and determined Kurdish households to the mountains by drive and turns them into PKK militants. The Governorate of town of Şanlıurfa in Turkey has just lately acknowledged that primarily based on knowledge acquired from Kurdish households during the last six months, a complete of three,000 youngsters have been kidnapped and brought as much as the mountains.

The PKK makes use of the civilian Kurdish inhabitants as human shields by way of intimidation by arms of their confrontations and assaults. By this implies, whereas treacherously hiding behind our harmless residents, it multiplies the losses of the Kurdish individuals so as to create a picture as if these incidents will be chalked as much as civil commotion.

While the aim of the PKK is to divide Turkey and set up a communist Kurdistan on the Turkish homeland, the Kurdish individuals residing on that land harbor no such need. In latest surveys carried out within the Southeast area of our nation it’s abundantly clear that the Kurdish persons are not in favor of separation.

As it’s seen, the PKK is neither a authorized consultant of the Kurds, nor an ethnic Kurdish freedom motion. Imaginary ideas just like the Kurdish situation, the Kurdish motion, the battle for freedom of the Kurds, or a quarrel between Turks and Kurds are instruments that the PKK and its supporters use on their path to their final objective of a communist Kurdistan.

Individuals of Kurdish origin stay in each a part of Turkey with none discrimination and think about themselves as residents of the Turkish Republic and they’re certainly first -class residents. Coercing our Kurdish residents to separate from Turkey and stay inside the borders of a communist Kurdistan and assuming they are going to need to enter into the lands which they’ve lived freely for tons of of years by exhibiting passports and visas is in no way rational.

That being so, the worst misdeed and essentially the most reprehensible conduct towards the Kurds could be to treat them as half and parcel of the PKK, identical to the circles we have now talked about above and hand them over to the arms of this perfidious and murderous mafia.

[2] Abdullah Öcalan, “Sümer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarlığa” [From the Priestly Sumerian State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 204


  1. Mr Harun Yahya is a fake Mullah that has kept an entourage of sexy girls and is preaching a kind of strange Islam. It is also very sad to know that he is also involved in a malicious propaganda against the great Kurdish Race. PKK is a true representative of the Kurdish people and was formed when the Turkish State banned even the use of Kurdish language by these brave people and the wearing of their traditional dress was also banned. It is the PKK who has highlighted the plight of Kurdish people in the international community. Turkey should keep one thing in mind that they can not suppress the voice of this great nation and sooner or later, Kurds will get an independent state of their own where they will re-create the legacy of Salahuddin Ayubi.

    • Well said Khalid, whilst it is true that no Ethnic group is homogenous and often has a diversity of views, it is a matter of fact that PKK has a massive support base amongst Kurds that Yahya ignores. He seems to draw distinction between Good or Bad Kurds based on their religiousity, I find this ironic from the creator of what many regard as an “Ottoporn” Empire.

      • Thanks Simon. I think wherever people want freedom, they should be granted as it will make this World a more happy and prosperous place.

  2. This article is pure Turkish state propaganda. PKK is a fully legitimate resistance movement against Turkish genocide, and is the most democratic movement in the middle east. PKK have massive support worldwide, especially amongst Kurds.
    “Mr. Adnan Oktar, best known by his nom-de-plume, Harun Yahya, is an influential Turkish spiritual leader, author, and opinion shaper” in other words an extremist islamist propagandist for the terrorist dictatorship of turkey, allies of ISIS.

  3. Mustafa Kamal Attaturk’s ideology is understandable regarding the upgradatation of a civil society but he crossed the limit which is a grave sin in Islam .Same goes for the author of this article whose main criticicism over PKK is correct and with that regard it is our prime duty to support our Kurdish brothers in every possible way against demolishing PKK .Turks must understand the importance of Kurdish people and should avoid all sorts of unethical discriminative propagandas.They are our brother’s as well and it is all about time and in their case they were lagged behind so it is our responsibility to stand and stand firm with them to ensure peace ,harmony , unity and repel PKK with full force until unless it is eliminated forever.This is Regab Tayyab Erdogan’s responsibility and I hope he knows how to solve this issue wisely and accurately.

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