Shahid Afridi taking great strides for humanity amid covid-19 lockdown

The outbreak of COVID-19 has halted sports activities globally, including Pakistan. Despite the doom and gloom, Pakistani sportsmen are active, helping those in need.
The country is currently under a lock-down by the government to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown has left many affected and such lock-down affectees are being helped by Pakistani sportsmen, from Karachi to Khyber.
 Shahid Afridi is among the prominent personalities leading from the front.
The former skipper of Pakistan Cricket team, reached Northern areas of Pakistan to help the needy people there under umbrella of his foundation. While Afridi was traveling from one town to another in remote areas of KP, people from his organization were busy in distributing rations at other areas of Pakistan.
“Pakistan has given me a lot, this is the time to return something back to my country,” Afridi said while adding that even despite lockdown someone had to step up and help those who were forced to remain indoors.
The star all rounder also launched a campaign #DonateKaroNa on social media which received great response from fellow cricketers, celebrities and media persons.
According to data shared by Afridi’s foundation, rations were distributed among more than 9,000 families in 45 cities of Pakistan during the 19 days drive.
“Alhamdulillah, I am proud of what has been achieved in this short period of time. My prime motivator is humanity, but would be impossible without your support, which is an ongoing need,” Afridi said.
“This is the time to support each other, help each other. One must not do politics in this crisis,” Afridi added.
The star  cricketer has also offered brand and corporate a free endorsement of products if they provide ration bags to needy people of Pakistan during the lockdown.

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