Restaurants allowed to remain open during the weekend in Sindh

Sindh government on Monday allowed restaurants to remain open during the weekend on Monday amid COVID-19 lockdown.
According to details, in an amended order issued by the provincial home ministry, the restaurants and hotels are allowed to continue their businesses during Saturday and Sunday.
The restaurants will be bound to implement upon the government-devised standard operating procedures (SOPs).
They will be allowed to operate their takeaway services till 7:00 pm while the delivery services could continue till 10:00 pm.
It is pertinent to mention here that the National Coordination Committee (NCC) on June 1st decided to keep the businesses closed on Saturday and Sunday in a week, which will remain open from Monday to Friday.
The federal and provincial governments had agreed on a recommended list for reopening the businesses and trade activities amid coronavirus crisis.
The committee approved the decision to continue opening of shops and markets on Friday. However, schools, colleges, wedding halls and restaurants will remain closed till further orders.
It may be noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) had named Pakistan among the countries that are most affected by the pandemic. The international institution had suggested imposition of lockdown and an increase in testing capacity up to 50,000 in a day.
A letter had also sent to the Pakistani government which urged for the implementation of strict lockdown measures after declaring Karachi and Lahore as the epicentre of the virus.

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