PM Imran should reconcile with media, says Sheikh Rashid

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that he had advised PM Imran to reconcile with Pakistan media in light of its responsible coverage of the coronavirus situation in the country.
“I requested the prime minister yesterday to reconcile with all media,” he said. “Insha’Allah I will hold a meeting with him day after tomorrow and I will give you positive news [in this regard],” he added.
The minister said he had told the prime minister to bury the hatchet with the media in light of its ‘responsible’ coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. He said that the media had risen to the task and made people aware of the coronavirus issue through its coverage. 
“Media in Pakistan is the strongest media. It is also responsible and patriotic,” he said. Rashid said that more people were watching news channels in Pakistan now as compared to before.
“The previous programmes I used to do [were watched by] six to seven crore people,” he said, adding that that number had increased to seven to nine crore. “This means that 60% more people are watching TV channels. This 60 % of people have nothing else to do but watch TV channels,” he added.
The minister said he would meet the prime minister on Monday and will have good news to share. “I extend a hand of friendships from the prime minister towards the Pakistani media,” he said. 

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