PM Imran Khan to Chair the federal cabinet meeting via vedio link

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will chair the federal cabinet meeting via video link today (Tuesday) to review the situation arising from coronavirus spread in the country as well as the current political, economical situation of the country.
As a preventive measure against the coronavirus, the cabinet members will participate in the meeting through the video link. The federal cabinet will discuss a two-point agenda during the meeting.
Sources said the cabinet will discuss the overall political, economical situation of the country. The cabinet would be briefed on the situation emerged in the country after the outbreak of coronavirus.
The federal cabinet will review the implementation of the decisions taken in the National Security Council (NSC) meeting.
The briefing on upcoming fiscal year budget 2020-21 is also a part of the agenda, while the detailed briefing by power ministry is also included in the cabinet’s agenda.
In the last federal cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed displeasure over non-submission of a final probe report on the wheat and sugar crisis. Prime Minister Imran Khan gave the authorities concerned one week to submit the report without fail.

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