Personality, character of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) role model for youth: PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the International Rehmatul-lil-Alameen (S.A.W.W) Conference in connection with Eid Milad-ul-Nabi in Islamabad said that if an individual seeks greatness, he should follow Muhammad SAWW, if a nation sought greatness, they should follow state of Medina’s example.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the personality and character of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is a role model for the youth to emulate in order to lead a successful life.
He said the best role model is the personality of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in order to become a great person. Similarly, a nation can become great only by following the golden principles of state of Medina. He said it is a miracle that two superpowers of that time surrendered to state of Medina just six years after the death of Prophet (SAWW). He said by following the idyllic rules of state of Medina, the Muslims ruled over the world for more than a thousand years.
The Prime Minister said our government will bring reforms in education system to teach children how the Holy Prophet (SAWW) transformed a tribal society into a great nation. He underscored the importance of holding research in our universities on the life and the principles of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).
Imran Khan said Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey have decided to jointly create films depicting great Islamic leaders in order to familiarize our population with our great history.
Imran Khan emphasized on the need to understand the reasons for the rise of Muslims’ and then their fall. Quoting Allama Muhammad Iqbal, he said Muslims gained success in the world when they followed the principles of state of Medina and went to decline when they forgot them.
The Prime Minister also said that one virtue of Muslims that inspired others to embrace Islam was speaking truth. He said the high moral values and character distinguishes a Muslim from followers of other religion.
Justice was another hallmark of the state of Medina which created a just society with equal rights for all. The Prime Minister said, “injustice leads to ending of merit that plays a key role in decline of any society.”
“Those who plundered the wealth of the nation deserve no right to be spared. He said no NROs or other relaxations can be given to corrupt people.”
He said the compassion is for poor and downtrodden segments of society and not for powerful and corrupt people was the bulwark of the state of Medina. He said it is state’s responsibility to look after the weaker segments. He said for a state to function effectively, it needs revenues in the form of taxes to run the affairs efficiently. He said people have also the responsibility to play their due share in uplift of society.
The Prime Minister also urged the Ulema to guide the government in transforming the country on the basis of Islamic principles.
The Prime Minister expressed optimism Pakistan will become a great nation by following the principles of state of Medina.

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