Patience is key for a successful married life: Actress Iqra

Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain, who is celebrating his first Ramadan with wife Iqra Aziz, revealed that the couple was not planning to have kids anytime soon.
Yasir and Iqra were guests during a Ramadan transmission, hosted by Reema Khan.
When the veteran film star asked Yasir about family planning, he said, “We both like children but we are not planning kids anytime soon as I think Iqra needs to focus on her career. When your career is flourishing, this is an extra responsibility.”
Yasir and Iqra are celebrating their first Ramadan together after they got married in December last year.
Giving her take on their successful marital life, Iqra said, “Patience is key for a successful married life.”
Actress further said after marriage, her family members have started giving Yasir more importance than her.
Talking about marriage at a young age, Iqra said she believes whatever is in your fortune, will come your way, regardless.

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