Pakistan Railways suspends operation of twelve trains

Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Thursday ordered the suspension of twelve trains, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic across the globe.
Suspension of twelve local trains with Karachi as their destination was confirmed by the Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed in a press conference.
The closure is to come into effect from March 22 and the trains will stop travelling to Karachi from various parts of Sindh province.
Minister for Railways stressed that if a need arose 20 trains in total would be suspended from travelling to Karachi.
It was also revealed that the decision was taken on the insistence of Sindh requested Pakistan Railways to temporarily discontinue the train service to the metropolis.
Further details in this regard say that those who will be affected due to the suspension will be given alternatives whereas it was also told that Pakistan Railways will refund the customers who are unable to find accommodations in alternate trains.
The suspended trains are Akbar Bugti Express, Sindh Express,Khushal Khan Khattak Express, Shah Latif Express, Ravi Express and Rohi Express among others.

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