Pakistan Day: PM Imran, President Alvi,vows to defeat coronavirus

The nation celebrates Pakistan Day today with simplicity in the face of an outbreak of novel Coronavirus and with the pledge to fight the pandemic.
The President in his message said nations have to go through difficult times but only with unity they sail through.
He said we Pakistanis also need to stand united to fight this pandemic.
The President said it is the responsibility of all segments of society, including Ulema, media and political leaders to play their due role in educating the masses about the preventive measures against the virus.
He said doctors and health workers are the first line of defense in this crisis and the nation salutes them for their unrelenting and selfless endeavors.
The Prime Minister in his message requested people to take precautions without getting panicked, as he is personally monitoring the government’s measures against the coronavirus pandemic.
He said the Pakistani nation has the capability to face any ordeal and God willing, we will stand victorious in this test.
The President and the Prime Minister also paid homage to the founding leaders of Pakistan and expressed unshakable support to the people of occupied Kashmir who have been subjected to inhuman lockdown and communication blockade for over seven months.

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