New trailer for Usman Mukhtar’s Bench will make you self-reflect

Usman Mukhtar’s Bench that has won international hearts at the Independent Short Film Awards in California, is finally up for release back home.
Embedded in simplicity, the story unpacks the struggles of a young couple who are at crossroads within their relationship. The trailer opens with an exhausted Rubya walking towards a store to purchase two packs of smokes, and being questioned about her habits.
The scene is then followed by a monologue speaking about individual choices, and how we are inherently defined by them. “For every 10 choices you make, you are lucky to get two right. And you’re luckier if those life choices were for life defining moments” says the lead.
“It is not in any way exaggerated,” says Mukhtar, speaking about the film in a conversation with Images.”Its a very, very grounded, organic conversation, the dialogues are very realistic.”
In the words of Rubya, the project is an intimate dialogue between two hearts in despair, looking to find their own truth in life.
“It takes courage to make tough decisions, to force yourself out of your comfort zone in order to take charge of your destiny. That’s what it’s about; that turning point where you could either settle with the cards you’ve been dealt, or break the mold to find your own truth.”
The film will be screened as soon as the pandemic situation is laid to a rest. We can’t wait!

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