Nation celebrates Pakistan Day today with simplicity

The nation celebrates Pakistan Day today with simplicity in the face of outbreak of noval Coronavirus and with the pledge to fight the pandemic.
All kind of public gatherings, especially famous military parade, have been postponed as precautionary measures.
The Day is observed to commemorate the passage of Lahore Resolution on this day in 1940, under which the Muslims of the sub-continent set the agenda of achieving a separate homeland.
Lahore Resolution
On a crisp spring day in 1940, under the shadow of the Badshahi Mosque, in a city that has been at the heart of the Muslim subcontinent for centuries, a group of men resolved to create a separate homeland for their people.
Surrounded by leaders of the All-India Muslim League and the Khaksars, Muhammed Ali Jinnah took to the stage in Minto Park to address the thousands in attendance, laying down the unequivocal demand for Pakistan. The Lahore Resolution, signed the next day on 23rd of March, became the bedrock on which the struggle for Pakistan was built.

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