Motorola is launching renown Razr folding phone with touchscreen

Motorola has decided to bring back the famous flip phone model named Razr, only with a heftier price tag and a touch screen that folds into a clam-shell.
The new model will be priced at a whopping $1500 (PKR235,000) and will be available for pre-orders in the United States in December this year before retailing worldwide in January 2020. Motorola is owned by China-based technology firm Lenovo. 
The Bloomberg report contends that the new phone will have a 6.2-inch screen and will have a durable folding mechanism as compared to current folding phones that have problems. Doubts about the battery of the device though, can still put-off customers. 
The popular Motorola Razr smartphone, launched in 2004, went on to become an iconic device, even popularized by Hollywood, until the iPhone was launched in 2007. Technology experts claim the new device simply aims to build brand awareness for Motorola in the US. 
Reports suggest that the new Razr has a small battery at 2,510mAh and runs the older Android 9 Pie operating system on Qualcomm’s sub-flagship Snapdragon 710 chip. It lacks the 5G option and bountiful memory of its rivals as well. 

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