Indian tyranny in IoK: Azad Kashmir’s legislative body passes unanimous bill

The legislative assembly of Azad Kashmir called a special session today to address the recent escalation and war hysteria being spread by India against occupied Kashmir after the illegal abrogation of its status as a disputed territory, on Wednesday.
The legislative assembly set forth a motion condemning the devious designs of tyrannical India which was passed unanimously.
The members presided over the session supporting black armbands showing their dismay and disdain towards India’s hegemonic plans.
The assembly also took part in a collective prayer for the martyrs of Kashmir, the freedom fighters and their struggles were lauded, appreciated and upheld as a tremendous sacrifice in the face of pure evil.
On August 5, Indian President had signed a bill to abrogate Article 370, about the special status of Kashmir, from the Indian constitution.
According to the Constitution of India, Article 370 provides provisions regarding special autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
As per Article 35A, a person cannot acquire any immovable proper in Kashmir if he or she is not a permanent resident of the region.
Article 370 guarantees special status to Kashmir region, restricting the Indian state’s legislative powers.

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