Indian move of annexation of occupied Kashmir historic blunder: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has termed the Indian move of annexation of occupied Kashmir a historic blunder and said it would give a new impetus to the indigenous freedom struggle.
Talking to senior journalists at the PM Office in Islamabad, he said the India’s move to end special status of occupied Kashmir is not interest-driven, but is based on an ideology of Hindu racism and Hindu supremacy.
Imran Khan said India’s measures towards ethnic cleansing reminded one of Hitler’s Nazism.            
He said the ongoing indigenous movement in the occupied Kashmir is the result of years of oppression and failure of the Indian government to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris.
He said Pakistan anticipated that after lifting of curfew, situation in the occupied Kashmir could rapidly deteriorate and there might be a false flag operation, to blame Pakistan.  
Imran Khan asked the international community to play its role in addressing the situation and help avert the genocide of the Kashmiris.        
He said even the saner elements in India are voicing their concerns and describing the attempt of annexation of occupied Kashmir as a historical mistake.
The prime minister said the issue could not be resolved through war as war between the two nuclear states would be disastrous. Once a war started, it would be beyond anyone’s control.         
He said an attempt to change the demographics of the Indian occupied Kashmir is a violation of the Article 49 of the Geneva Convention.

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