Imran Khan to file case in opposition to PM for returning residence by means of unique 777 aircraft on public expense

Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman on Friday has determined to file a case in opposition to Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif for buying an unique 777 aircraft to return residence, as the overall expense shall be borne by the general public.

Addressing a rally in Pasroor, Imran stated that the occasion would additionally mobilise farmers in August within the wake of Panama Leaks. On one aspect, individuals of Pakistan had been suppressed by inflation and taxes whereas on the opposite aspect luxurious life of politicians and rulers had been value noticing, Imran added.

Farmers had been agriculturally murdered within the modern scenario and the occasion will search assist from farmers if Nawaz Sharif didn’t reply on Panama Leaks, PTI Chairman stated.

Imran additionally added that on which foundation we might have the ability to criticise India if Kashmir elections got here out to be rigged?

Responding to Chilcot Inquiry on a social web site, Imran Khan stated that Ex-British Prime Minister (PM) Tony Blair was not ashamed of attacking Iraq over false flag assault; somewhat he was embarrassed by shedding 179 British troopers within the battle, presenting himself as harmless ignoring genocide of 1000’s of Iraqis, Imran stated.

At this level, Pakistan additionally wanted Chilcot kind of investigation and regardless of not being concerned in 9/11, why Pakistan had determined to plunge into America’s battle, he questioned.

At the moment Al-Qaeda was operational solely in Afghanistan and no Taliban had been having any secure havens in Pakistan, PTI Chairman added. He additionally stated that Tribal areas of Pakistan had been exploited and destroyed within the identify of the battle on terror.

Imran Khan strongly criticised Tony Blair and stated that how he could possibly be acquitted of 1000’s of deaths of Iraqi civilians. Blair, in any case, can’t be omitted of inflicting sectarianism, extremism, civil battle and the emergence of IS within the Center East, PTI Chairman added.

He must be accountable of wars based mostly on deliberate misrepresentation or fraudulent. Imran added.

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