How Pakistani celebrities reacted to Musharraf’s sentencing

On Monday, a special court in Islamabad on Tuesday found former military ruler retired General Pervez Musharraf guilty of high treason and handed him a death sentence under Article 6 of the Constitution.
This was big news because it’s the first time in Pakistan’s history that a military chief has been declared guilty of high treason and handed a death sentence — so naturally, our celebs had something to say on the occasion.
Many spoke out in support of the former president

A very famous Irish Soldier, Thomas Francis Meagher said… “The treason of which I stand convicted loses all its guilt, has been sanctified as a duty, and will be ennobled as a sacrifice.”#Musharraf #MusharrafVerdict
— Mehwish Hayat TI (@MehwishHayat) December 17, 2019

A sad day indeed .. when a patriot is called a traitor. #PervezMusharraf you sir will always be our patriot . A true Pakistani a brave soldier and son of the soil. #pakarmyZindabad .
— Shaan Shahid (@mshaanshahid) December 17, 2019

General Musharraf we stand with you. Long live Pak Army ??
— Annie Khalid (@annie_khalid) December 17, 2019

I stand with #Musharraf , @P_Musharraf
— Waqar Zaka (@ZakaWaqar) December 17, 2019

Handing out a death sentence to Pervez Musharraf while allowing convicted criminals to flee the country. Wah Bhai wah. #RogueJustice
— salman ahmad (@sufisal) December 17, 2019
While others took it as an opportunity to hail the judiciary

After #Musharraf verdict, Will PML N & our SUPER INTELLECTUALS now apologise for their allegations abt Judiciary being Establishment’s puppet when Nawaz’s verdict came out?
— Hamza Ali Abbasi (@iamhamzaabbasi) December 17, 2019

Judiciary of Pakistan after more than six decades today has wiped off the dirt of “doctrine of necessity” from its face. Long Live the Constitution, Love live Pakistan.
— M. Jibran Nasir (@MJibranNasir) December 17, 2019
And some went on a completely different tangent

Even though I fundamentally believe that we must forgo the relief thats comes with a military intervention and democracy must go on uninterrupted in the hope that one day it shall deliver, today i really wish the army comes in and gives a collective ass whooping to all
— khadijah shah (@khadijah_shah) December 17, 2019

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