Home Dept decides to deploy Rangers at important places in Lahore

Punjab Home Department has decided to deploy Pakistan Rangers personnel at important places in Lahore.
In light of the unfortunate incident that occurred (Wednesday) at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) resulting in the loss of six lives, law and order situation of the city remains precarious as of now.
The Pakistan Rangers have been called to maintain the law and order of Punjab’s capital with fears of a retaliation from the doctors against the lawyers.

Fears also exists of a possible civil disruption due to the loss of innocent lives in the melee that ensued today.
The rangers have been called in to safeguard important government institutes and installations from a possible riot.
The rangers will reportedly be stationed at the Chief Minister’s House in Lahore along with the Governor House.
The rangers will also be responsible for securing the civil secretariat, Punjab Assembly and other areas of prominence in the city.

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