Govt pays full attention on infrastructure development, economic prosperity: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that the ongoing battle against corruption and corrupt elements would help secure future of Pakistan and its upcoming generations.
Talking to a delegation of National Security Workshop from Balochistan in Islamabad, he said the elements who nurtured fears that their corruption would be exposed, and that they would be nabbed, have been crying hoarse. 
The prime minister said a country could not progress when criminals held the high offices. He said a leader did not instill fear in the nation to secure their votes but a real leader always give hope.
About government’s reforms, the prime minister said they faced fiscal and trade deficit challenges but due to the government’s efforts on the economic front, stability was achieved as manifested in the economic indicators of the country.
Imran Khan said the economic stability is a vital component of the national security and the nations facing the burden of debts had to face numerous national security issues.
The prime minister said a long term future planning is essential to utilize the human resource and counter the national challenges.
He said the national economy could be stabilized to a great extent only if the country enhanced its agriculture produce by taking advantage of the latest technology.
To other questions, he said the government is paying full attention to the infrastructure development and economic prosperity of Balochistan province.

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