Govt allows Maryam to stay with Nawaz Sharif in Hospital

The government has allowed on Thursday Maryam Nawaz to stay with her father Nawaz Sharif in hospital.
The decision was taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and now Maryam Nawaz can stay with father to look after him.
According to sources Punjab government has been apprised over the PM Imran directions that instructed the CM Punjab to make arrangements for Maryam Nawaz to stay in the hospital.
PM Imran has also telephoned governor Punjab Chaudry Sarwar to make sure all arrangements to facilitate Maryam Nawaz for her stay with father.
On the other hand, PM Imran has also strictly stopped all the PTI leaders, advisors and spokespersons to hurl any kind of comments on Nawaz Sharif health.

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